Awards & Grants

Stanford University

2014 Stanford Centennial Teaching Assistant Award
2015 VPTL Teaching Advancement Grant


Turney Industrial (Correctional) Complex

2018 Macroeconomics syllabus | materials | evaluations

Stanford University, Department of Political Science

2017 Research Design (Research Honors) syllabus | materials | evaluations

San Quentin State Prison

Interdisciplinary Reading, Writing and Research syllabus | evaluations
Race and Class in Latin American History syllabus | evaluations
Stanford Criminal Justice Seminar

Teaching Assistant & Course Assistant

Stanford University, Department of Political Science

2016 Research Design (Research Honors) evaluations
2015, 2016 IR Honors Research Design & Field Research evaluations
2015, 2016 Thinking Like a Social Scientist evaluations
2014 Intro to Comparative Politics lecture | evaluations
2013 America in the World Economy evaluations
2012 Intro to International Relations evaluations
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